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As with any custom made product, pricing can vary depending on the design, materials and construction time involved in each item.  Below is a pricing schedule to give you a general idea of the price range and extra features available.  Exact prices will be given when ordering and before any payment is made.  Work orders will be turned in for processing upon receipt of payment.  We will do everything possible to expedite your order as quickly as possible, however, we ask that you please plan  to allow 6 to 8 weeks for shipment of your product.  


Applies To All Standard Guitar, Banjo, Dobro, And Mandolin Straps. 


 Plain Strap (Color of Choice)                                $ 175.00

 Strap With Name Only                                         $ 350.00

  Strap With Name And Design                               $ 375.00 

           Full Strap Design                                                 $ 450.00 - Up


Above strap prices include plush felt padding.


Additional Padding Options


                             Plush Felt                      Included in price of strap

Suede                              $20.00

Synthetic Sheep Skin       $25.00

Genuine Sheep Skin         $35.00


     Extra wide or long straps maybe slightly more depending on size.

Hand painted designs priced on request.

Custom Items, such as Conchos, Buckles, Rhinestones,Gold leaf, etc., priced upon request.

Customer designed straps or specialty straps priced upon request.



We are making every effort possible to make ordering your products as easy as possible. Our main goal is to provide exactly what you want. After all, that is the purpose in ordering a custom made item. To assist you in this process we have provided two example diagrams below, of the most popular strap styles or types. This is usually the first step in creating your own personal and unique design. The standard design and sizes of the items shown are the most popular and will meet the needs of most customers. Of course if you prefer to make some changes such as width, length, color, etc., to better meet your individual needs or taste, please feel free to do so. We have many design patterns available or you can send us your own. On our "GALLERY PAGES" you will find photos of custom straps made for previous customers. These may help you in creating your own theme or design. Please remember that due to copyright laws we are unable to use registered names and logos on items. The following is a list of some things you should consider when designing and ordering your items. 


     1.  The basic strap style. ( Type I, II, or custom )

     2.  Width and Length. ( Standard size or custom )

     3.  Type of attachment to guitar.  ( Button type, lace tie or quick connect )

     4.  Design.  ( Name, logo, carvings, borders, etc. )

     5.  Strap Finish.  ( Color of stain or paint for strap ) 

     6.  Custom Colors  ( Color for lettering and designs )  

     7.  Padding  ( Type of padding or lining. Padding options are listed below )




The following diagrams are the two most popular guitar strap styles. They are not exact in dimension or design of actual straps, but are intended only as a reference to assist the customer in deciding which Type or shape appeals to them most and to make ordering easier. You can also see actual straps made in the different types and styles on our Gallery Pages. The standard sizes of the guitar straps are listed below each diagram along with a brief description. Of course, as with all our products, custom guitar straps can be made to your specifications. Width, length, color, attachment method, etc. can all be changed to suite the needs and requirements of each customer.  



This is the most common guitar strap style used commercially. The standard dimensions are 2 1/2" wide, and is adjustable from 44" to 52".



This is our taper style guitar strap. The sleek design has a more custom look and slightly less bulk on the front end of the strap. The standard dimensions are 2 1/2" wide at the back end and tapering to

 1 1/2" at the front end. It is adjustable from 44" to 52".


Since all of our leather guitar straps are made to suit the needs of each individual customer it is impossible to describe just one type of material or construction method used.  Obviously custom guitar straps with inlay, without inlay, different types of padding, various designs, etc., will differ from each other. However there are some basic features that should be mentioned. 

We use only first grade, veg-tanned hides. These hides are tanned using natural products in the tanning process, such as tree bark and other vegetable products.  This insures the fibers in the leather are not weakened or damaged which can often occur with aluminum or chromium salt processing.  In addition, only veg-tanned leather can be used to properly carve and hand tool.

Our guitar straps (unless otherwise specified) are made using single layer, top grade double-shoulders. This is one of the strongest and most durable parts of the hide, providing maximum fiber strength with minimal stretch for years of dependable service.  

For more details on the construction and materials used in making our products see our "Design Page".


Payment Methods


PayPal Acceptance Mark

Credit card payments may be made through our website at:

We also accept Money Orders, Cashiers Checks and Personal Checks

(If you prefer one of these methods of payment, please let us know and we will provide you with the information needed.)



 Orders placed with Credit Cards are processed when received.

 Orders placed with Money Orders or Cashiers Checks are processed when recieved.

 Orders placed with Personal Checks will be processed upon check approval .


We also offer Gift Certificates


A perfect way to give someone that special personalized gift made just the way they want it.




Shipping is $10.00 within the continental United States.

Shipments with multiple items charged according to weight.

Items are generally shipped USPS unless otherwise requested.

Items are insured for $100.00 at no additional charge.

Additional insurance may be added if desired.




As with any custom made product, we are unable to give refunds on special order items, although we will do every thing possible to assure your complete satisfaction.  We will gladly make any adjustments possible.  We have a long and successful record in providing the best products and services available to our customers.  Our goal is to provide each customer with a  product they can be as proud of as we are.

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